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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A fine time at hotel? There’s consequences! AFTERMATH
A glazed fabric put round plant ERICA
Ambitious person’s gamey promotional leaflet HIGHFLYER
Aquatic bird, funny-looking alien gull GALLINULE
Archaeopteryx maybe was one that caught nematodes? EARLYBIRD
Disconcert upper-class swell turning up first PUTOFF
Doddery old chaps going in to get accommodation LODGEMENT
Evasive behaviour of company head about yen COYNESS
Expose extremely uncommon pretext UNCOVER
Fat whiner given facelift might become so very slim WAFERTHIN
Film Chemical Engineer introduced into a gallery ACETATE
Food from Italy in vehicle before start of delivery VIAND
Funny when Jack leaves mince pie OCULAR
General survey done __ into German car, that is OVERVIEW
Joined place of higher learning following international education UNIFIED
Lines husband may like but with no margins HAIKU
Litter of unlimited beds in convalescent home SEDAN
Maintain pressure with troops available in emergency PRESERVE
Native American large lobster trap CREEL
Nonsense served up supporting almost adequate notional line EQUATOR
Overwhelmed operator requisitioned OPPRESSED
Parts of chicken wings perhaps rejected in epicurean lunch ULNAE
Person taking part in hospital department harangue ENTRANT
Plastic laminate having as function glass replacement? FORMICA
Pulley that moves sideways, but not at first IDLER
Releases peacekeepers with army unit __ a thousand for power UNCORKS
Remained in good health mostly in empty desert DWELT
Romanians reconstructed small republic SANMARINO
Something exceptional in skirt topless divas modelled RARAAVIS
What’s over one’s head? Hat’s upside down in Yorkshire river! AIRSPACE
Year with disastrous slide in outputs YIELDS
Young royal repeated expression of disapproval TUTTUT