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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Being church musician, mass preferred to last piece ORGANISM
British couple from Rome hiding kilo in costume BIKINI
Cold beer first __ one Guinness so handled ALEC
Country seen in alternative light after month MOTHERLAND
Deny Blunt’s smuggled dope from the East ABNEGATE
Found pleasure going topless __ mad to turn up inside ESTABLISH
Free programs run, brought in encrypted as we hear SHAREWARE
French article put forward case: right to leave union LEAGUE
Frost not a great poet HORACE
Given life, losing heart after temporary release rejected LIABLE
Kid held by inspector put away for attack DIATRIBE
Lesser gorgons holding back another fierce woman OGRESS
Location of underwater activity miles after sign for docking AQUARIUM
Lower class corruptly use bungs SUBGENUS
Man abroad grabbing at politician SENATOR
Pedant and stoic clash violently SCHOLASTIC
Prospect with men vacating isthmus PANAMA
Recovered gambler? BETTER
Ruled out old notion about daughter having died EXCLUDED
Sea advanced to claim river and harbour MARINA
Shake from second-hand milk dispenser SHUDDER
So-called priest has to tear round all the time REVEREND
Soul beat wild and perfect ABSOLUTE
Stop and arrest when finding missionary BARNABAS
Sulphur removed from Salisbury plant ARUM
Supporting female scientist crossing river from the south CARYATID
Swan for one and others finding peace REST
Sword cutting more flesh from this? CLAY
Tomb about to be seen by Pound coming into city church CROMLECH
Tree forced flat to sprawl among scattered pears ESPALIER