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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Bow during church receiving nothing in return INCLINE
Capital place for drink knocked back before time RABAT
Climate not hot after summer’s start? Wear this SWEATER
Copper works without energy, accepting small duties CUSTOMS
Cover the woman with two articles SHEATHE
Cross, they’re oddly bitten by mosquito? INTERSECT
Dainty little maiden keeping time in form, perhaps SWEETMEAT
Divine being divine, outlandish replacing superior GODDESS
Enduring endless bother over iron girdle SUFFERING
Expert cineaste finally comprehending rubbish film ACETATE
Frank is ruthless for EastEnders ARTLESS
Guarded in dock, brought up, then executed POLICED
Heath area trailing grass east to west ERICA
Hollow veins in cerebellum’s covering INSINCERE
Is it possible for me to get warm? AMIABLE
It’s worst to embrace sweetheart’s attack BESET
Lounges of first-class people being announced? IDLES
Officer shoots back, engaging hard force SHERIFF
Play patience TOLERANCE
Rats on beam held by stakes BETRAYS
Rotating mechanism for fans TURNSTILE
Rows could create sound of crying TIERS
Sexy curvy character including sex, initially? HOSTESS
Shy around this person, gripped by American quibbler CASUIST
Singular Scottish ‘tut’ assuming a point about English SASSENACH
Standing in front of auction making offers, disheartened ABIDING
Starts to slough hard exterior, discarding skin SHEDS
State again specifically limiting train’s highest speed ITERATE
The French revolting in disorder, European getting cross SALTIRE
Vegetable like empty pea — sweet tips ASPARAGUS
Willowy thing is more blushing, topless OSIER
Your destiny may be in these hands! TAROT