The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 18 2018

Clues Answers
Before bedtime, a short agreement drawn up after close NIGHTCAP
Big fish all right in the morning after getting up MAKO
Brain extracted through the ears? MIND
Case of dramatist screening very long show DEPICT
Comfortable position with bloomers full of thorns? BEDOFROSES
Dancing on air, old stud DOORNAIL
Dodgy ear __ regret cold in head DIRECTORGENERAL
Encourage and kiss people in juvenile competition EGGANDSPOONRACE
Fashion design safe, criticise company slowing down after recession PETERPANCOLLAR
Fifty tucking into feast, ten almost finished French stew BLANQUETTE
Foe not taking sides in prayer? ANTI
Grand, a dish of cold vegetables cut for curry paste MASALA
Hymn __ piece stealing heart in Bangkok, if one Siamese, say? MAGNIFICAT
I’m top? That’s wrong __ I’m not sure top OPTIMUM
Land in effect over sea DOMAIN
Maximum number covered by hospital HEIGHT
Miss scored, reportedly? MAID
Mole exaggerated punctures with acne, say? SPOTTY
Movement of current part inspired, I think, on reflection TIDERIP
Movement of hip on bandaging little bone __ items for suturing might be seen here PINCUSHION
One cutting down to size a couple of males held by judge? TRIMMER
One may be in charge of reaching ANAGRAM
One’s present at present ATTENDER
River bird, one on the radio perhaps? DEEJAY
Smart being gripped by a good book? On the contrary, losing the plot CHAOTIC
Something funny, perhaps, left in stew TAGLINE
Stab from behind in openly criminal study of felonies PENOLOGY
Where ‘RIP the compiler’ shall be writ, never! OVERMYDEADBODY

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