The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 19 2018

Clues Answers
About Nijinsky, possibly, without the Spanish gentleman CABALLERO
Accommodating the last word on Bale being transferred AMENABLE
Amateur working on Sunday’s brew of a dryer ale LAYREADER
Animalistic noise beginning to bedevil our local NEIGHBOUR
Article supporting publicity or thanks respectively PRORATA
Bar horse restraint? Nothing in it LOUNGE
Can East block West’s early show MATINEE
Caution: oil spill in resort causing mirage OPTICALILLUSION
Clean up in this with a book in display left WASHBOWL
Coastal rock climber wanting Accident & Emergency to get stitched? SEWED
Cockney’s three-piece with half missing? Blow it! WHISTLE
Colourless, odourless, tasteless ingredient turning up in linguini taleggio? GELATIN
Discordant energised vocal is contemporary COEVAL
Doing nothing out of order — it’s part of Australian nature DINGO
Enlarge crackers for big cheese GENERAL
Fallen out over name for blarney FLANNEL
Fruit in oddly fey sculpture EFFIGY
Girl sounding like a needy child MIMI
Happy as Ma Jarrett’s boy meeting his fate? (2,3,2,3,5) ONTOPOFTHEWORLD
Look out for identity in moulding that’s elliptical OVOID
Make a hash with duck in medium serving after carving MISGOVERN
Newmarket worker maybe in firm with rowdy uprising STABLEBOY
Rock drummer’s habit revealed dark side? MOONSCAPE
Rocky ignobly in need of oxygen facing US fighter with a sneer GIBINGLY
Smear in unfinished book promo? BLUR
Stop idol celebrant’s intrusion DOLCE
Talk drunkenly and suck up, not quietly SLUR
Up to eighteen AA members aim to be this TEETOTAL
Wicked elements in thoughts in full flow SINFUL
Work stopping the setter’s sulk MOPE

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