The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Crossroads’ for viewers? One leaves server near Slough WATERSHED
American, not heartless, that may be a soldier ANT
Arrogant in court, a matter of some regret UPPITY
Blessed with continued luck, winner’s name is put here ONAROLL
Blind test SCREEN
Busy oilworker perhaps gets one over panel CONSTABLE
Chap who can’t afford a break desperately leaves card above WAGESLAVE
Chirpy historian accepting article in Spanish LIVELY
Church in High Street, right place for wounded to lie STRETCHER
Climbing sport cut short here ALP
Coppers (in disguise) in Welsh river wrap up DECIDE
Courteous founders get stuff from elsewhere OUTSOURCE
Distributes bulbs, the first couple being free ALLOTS
Form of art flummoxing more minds MODERNISM
Free one in French bar UNLOCK
Genesis reformed cutting English rock GNEISS
Gent sent back fish dish RISSOLE
Go on about this reward in greens? PAY
Host rising round mostly deft hero who’s famously pious AENEAS
I instruct player in court well — right on gold SOLICITOR
Mean to maintain maturity AVERAGE
Person making the running in UN, say, last of three shunned PACEMAKER
Pitch outside rec is not flat SPARKLING
Plant trees on each and every stop FORESTALL
Please do stay chez moi BEMYGUEST
Prompt tiny boy to overlook city TIMELY
Pulling article from charger give it a whirl TRY
Terrier, e.g., may drink from this — could a young person? CANTEEN
The Crown’s bottled export? CORONA
Uneasy feeling due to model gulping most of coffee DEJAVU
What goes round could possibly be mere tripe PERIMETER
What’s central to kebab? Wife’s beset by whiffs from the east SKEWER

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