The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 25 2018

Clues Answers
Abbey seen in half-buried cutting instantly uplifting WOBURN
Affix a warning: ‘Old-fashioned garment’? PINAFORE
Agreed his cooking requires accompanying vegetable? SIDEDISH
An in-flight means of providing illumination FANLIGHT
Appeared to have view of sea SEEMED
Cabinet axe housing English, as rest in conflict CEASEFIRE
Capricious Dame Fortune protects no-hoper LAMEDUCK
Categorises as third-grade females CLASSES
Confessed it’s stored in a French bank? SANG
Entangled duplicate keys TWINED
Following one triumph, getting gold SUCCESSOR
Get to about a hundred — hot REACH
Getting on a bit, cat should accept it when climbing LATISH
Go round with sawn-off gun REVOLVE
Having come to a farewell party AWAKE
I feel the faux furs should be worn METHINKS
Mounds of snow after day breaks DRIFTS
No singles. None at all NEVERAONE
Off to converse! FROM
One fated, sadly, never to be able to sing in choir TONEDEAF
Petition, confident that will get satisfaction PLEASURE
Protests for months? MARCHES
Refer to biting animal going around as ‘non-domestic’ EXOTIC
Returned preface to S-to-Z list ROTA
Tailing humans, one constitutes danger MENACE
They beat kings and rule in court ACES
They calculate three months in France should occupy married woman METERS
They test animal facing years working ASSAYERS
Trick is, dog drops ball, animal catches it DODGE
Very young tot Rawspirit
What psychiatrist did, revealing pronounced self-importance PRIED
Winds up in Paris drunk, alas having ditched AA SPIRALS

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