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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A clue to some cut for tight-fitting garment? SWIMMINGCOSTUME
Artificially produced man going beyond speed of sound MACHINED
As hot home supporter, turn up, excited to begin with FIREDOG
At one time in form spelt out a concept in applied mathematics MOMENTOFINERTIA
Attractive girl heading student event? One may get into hot water DISHRAG
Back old-fashioned investment as something useful ASSET
Bits inside pub somewhere in NI INNARDS
Box mostly used for storing a very short item of clothing CRAVAT
Carries on with old nurses EXTENDS
Consequences? They may get batsmen caught out UPSHOTS
Evidence showing one’s handled drug? That brings rebuke SMACKONTHEWRIST
Good little girl accumulates no special knowledge allegedly GNOSIS
Italian community giving performance outside Italy TURIN
Manage to discover path from the peak TRACKDOWN
Maybe Jewish house gets endless approval SEMITIC
Maybe local journalist in East Anglia is treated badly DISSED
Number born, number at home being put up NINETEEN
Old Penny, woman offering advice when there’s scare DAUNT
One who criticises what lawn specialist uses SCARIFIER
Orderly systems function when backed by people’s leader COSMOSES
Organised gang discredits a president of yesteryear GISCARDDESTAING
Puts down membership fee, payable now for collection SUBDUES
Saints in defeat? Such may resist change FOSSIL
Sea creatures suffering mutilation Tom somehow removed NAUTILI
Sheepish male turning up, serious old nobleman MARGRAVE
Such cries may be heard in fortifications WAULS
Sun-follower, old fellow, one having a fixation MONOMANIA
Talking audibly and grooving RABBETING