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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Acted upon free ticket given without restriction PASSIVE
Article found in digs of Roman plain VANILLA
Brainbox fixing business dispute in bank BRIGHTSPARK
Compared to maiden, men may be so alone Aidless
Craft and impudence required to confront energy provider GALLEON
Dictionary one friend finds kind of complex OEDIPAL
Disheartened slimmer sacked cheese deliverer, perhaps SMILER
Dry area torched, that is start of several cruel deeds BRUTALITIES
Famous people: Newton and Watt, say, but not Jack NAMES
Figure to trust endlessly TORUS
First person on death row ain’t, oddly, American IDAHOAN
Forcibly remove guard for nothing in middle of duty UPROOT
Girls this disappointed could change to become strong-willed LETDOWN
Giveaway section on flier SPOILER
Insurgency you reported within two minutes MUTINY
Issue developing from head waiter ignoring that man and wife or a maitre d’ ignoring male RADIATE
Mole with information given during meal about royal dynasty PLANTAGENET
Moneymaking invention COINAGE
Odd text rankled somewhat EXTRA
Odour rising with liberal being without ethics AMORAL
Pound invested in long-term European account CHRONICLE
Ring for projector to screen government department reform REMODEL
Rising when American’s ready, embracing and moving ASCENDANT
Slowly get into the flow, not covering most of Asian capital NOSEOUT
Soldiers returned attack, cutting noble fellow after a killing PROFITEER
Supplying charity, working closely together HANDINGLOVE
Trace source of beef in food outlet close to menagerie DELINEATE
Veg and game that’s encased in shellfish PEARL