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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Adheres they say to hateful river STYX
After tango, we spot unusual dance TWOSTEP
Check area lacking energy in two parts? REIN
Depression touching large intestine COLON
Drinks containing malt liquor for loyalists SUPPORTERS
Drunk medics imbibing European wine DEMISEC
Enlarge animal park before first of March ZOOM
Exercise lines in Advent can be persuasive COMPELLING
First step of independent resident around Italian island INITIATIVE
Hibernating dung beetle joins male insect DORMANT
Hover about in outskirts of Camden to find sign of rank CHEVRON
Innards of automaton upgraded to 100mph TONUP
IT scale could be flexible ELASTIC
Ivan (the) Terrible is self-complacent VAIN
Masculine female player? That’s criminal! MALEFACTOR
May upset with Times covering resistance by Conservative? That’s irregular ASYMMETRIC
Musical drama starts to translate Elgar work OPERATE
Nerve poison? It could be true in Oxon NEUROTOXIN
Pair join medic in Italian cathedral DUOMO
Party, Republican, vacated ministers’ sleeping quarters DORMS
Plan stratagem to seize Eastern booze CHARTREUSE
Scattered cold air almost spat. Exactly! SPORADICAL
Silly revenge? Not good to show superficial refinement VENEER
Special gold covered pouch SPORRAN
Spread most of plaster regularly on end of tile PATE
They might bite — or sting when weight’s added ASPS
Tips secretary over into pool of dirty water CESSPIT
Top up that could make judge poorly REFILL
Turkish ambassador’s welcomed by Roosevelt, chillingly ELTCHI
Use small boat to reach Channel island SARK
Writing about a time in service MATINS
Xhosan desert has plenty of this SAND