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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 5 2018

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Clues Answers
A shaman got April confused about imaginary figures PHANTASMAGORIAL
Agile umpire’s concealing a bit of a gut ILEUM
Allen’s apartment maybe frog’s place of rest? LILYPAD
Assign ace writer ASCRIBE
Character expressing feelings held regularly in Exmoor jail EMOJI
Cockney actor in favour of being heard acts at first in jug AMPHORA
Comfort before PM cut parliament’s opening: it shows highs and lows RELIEFMAP
Cut into victim QUARRY
Do better without prison space, mostly EXCEL
European and Gaelic hybrid is mournful ELEGIAC
Finished the map off, losing time measuring and marking too much OVEREMPHASIZING
Influential discussion group with U-turn at the end? SEMINAL
Initially nonchalant, I’m thrown rather in calculation of N NITRIC
Making up for leaving father split inside EXPIATING
Meet under the main promenade SEAFRONT
Most of group adulterated mare’s milk substitutes CREAMERS
New and old kit in Alabama ORIGINAL
Pacifies tiny number aboard ship SWEETENS
Pay Republican immigrant INCOMER
People mark course RACETRACK
Perhaps make a crocodile tail rise QUEUEUP
Reportedly cultivate a green when dropping head of drug science PHARMACOLOGICAL
Reprieved area moves west in extent SPARED
Resistance is overcome by changing shapes and expressions PHRASES
Right finale: sex appeal is half acceptable for performance RENDITION
Spin is turning over wicket on both sides SWIRL
Walk a line, lacking directions for chemical base ALKALI
Young child settled heretical belief in tyranny TOTALITARIANISM