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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 6 2018

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Clues Answers
… shaking bits of anatomy, very nearly without exception TOAMAN
Being from newspaper perhaps is source of misanthropy ORGANISM
Chaplain oddly climbs to top of larch tree LILAC
Communication with soldiers in camp conveys orders from above TENCOMMANDMENTS
Cushion blow at first — each dreadful bang … BEANBAG
Dick has 500 in belt upon start of evening shift DISLODGE
Dramatic change to attorneyship after corrupt Tory is sacked THESPIAN
Drifts off in rubbish-laden ship SLUMBERS
Element from colliers’ association packing daggers NOBELIUM
Famous director of ‘Vandalised’ cutting second in editing DAVIDLEAN
Fragment of code ultimately equivocal MORSEL
Getting in touch with Little Emily, being poorly EMAILING
Head on holiday with as much as one can carry? That’s hazardous HARMFUL
Host of lice’s heading into cabin, not entirely put out PUBLICAN
Huge lark put on show of singing? GIGANTIC
Minute docked? DETAILED
Out of condition, Donna’s disturbed, fitfully OFFANDON
Outstanding location for seat of higher education? TOPCLASS
Prompt judgement uttered INCITE
Public Library engages painter to illustrate launch PROPEL
SEAT components in plenty unveiled at centre GLUTEI
Shergar — a rather limited mount? ARARAT
Stroll with relation in south-east Reading, say? SAUNTER
Sweetener raised to prop up American resort’s growth ASPARAGUS
The lead in Shrek’s garlanded with laurels for song PSALM
Unstable paranoid with a malfunctioning weapon PONIARD
Winds average, starters in dinghy event race sedately MEANDERS