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The Telegraph – Toughie – Sep 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Appeal forces landowner to regenerate part of Essex SAFFRONWALDEN
Around summer, fifty per cent failed medical aid class overseas MIDDLEAMERICA
Be unable to stand trial after sighting of Parisian DETEST
Bottomless spirit and French wine belonging to a medieval house ANGEVIN
Celebrity and girl briefly turned up where heavenly bodies are seen STARMAP
Couple rejected stuffing in case that’s supremely flashy LOUDEST
Crossed lines occurring in traditional housing TRAVERSED
Crouch, heading in third, smothered by most of team SQUAT
Data PC stores about police regularly receives approval COOKIE
Fox almost seizes turkey, one of a certain age TRIASSIC
Gnasher’s still at centre of tomfoolery in the comic EYETOOTH
Gypsy returned to harbour pub, having a jar AMPHORA
Impudent person putting slug on dressing SAUCEBOX
It’s a pleasure no former volunteer exaggerated NOTATALL
Kitchen assistant perhaps glazes terrine partly ZESTER
Maintaining beat in midsection, busker hummed STANK
Mirror writer’s extremely immature, penning useless articles IMITATE
Norwegian, American, German and Japanese currency AMUNDSEN
Part of face one should start jeering? Hooter JOWL
Person to whom work and play are the same DRAMATIST
Potter makes this error — green spilled over, and blue ultimately SLIPWARE
Reason why broadcast is shown on hospital computers etc SANITY
Repeatedly note currents swirling in lake TITICACA
Second question about folio one poses SHOWOFF
Stream learners attending religious class RILL
Study news written in revolutionary language CHEYENNE
Swapped ends when using ragged garden tool DIBBER
Sweary vagrant in chippy? SAWYER
Type of school’s right-wing recruitment slogan? BEACON
Working for retirement, mum gets Happy Meal NOSHUP