The Times – Concise – Sunday Times Concise No 1566 March 25 2018

The Times – Concise – Sunday Times Concise No 1566

Clues Answers
Apt to be ascribed ATTRIBUTABLE
Black cuckoo ANI
Deliberate WILFUL
Dine EAT
Disappointment BLOW
Elbow-room LEEWAY
Exclude BAR
Fawn bootlick
Feline stray alley cat
Inaccurate OUT
Location SITE
Clues Answers
Numbering more than one PLURAL
Partnered teamed up with
Predestiny FATE
Promise word of honour
Provincial SUBURBAN
Scattered STREWN
Schism RIFT
Send away DESPATCH
Sufficient ADEQUATE
Suggestive RACY
Tablet PILL
Try something give it a whirl

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