The Times – Concise – Sunday Times Concise No 1776 April 3 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Concise – Sunday Times Concise No 1776
Clues Answers
About 1,200 cubic metres acre-foot
Ancient Roman official TRIUMVIR
Ankle and heel bones TARSUS
Certainly YES
Clandestine SLY
Condition TERM
Defile COL
Fanatical devotee ADDICT
Fluctuate SEESAW
Former junior Scouts wolf cubs
Hind part RUMP
Legendary primate YETI
Magnitude SIZE
Plan MAP
Seat with “stick-back” design Windsor chair
Sneeze response bless you
Staff note MEMO
Supreme court judge chief justice
Tax-free zone black economy
Thwack SWAT
Unintelligible jargon GOBBLEDYGOOK

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