The Times – Concise – Sunday Times Concise No 1801 September 25 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Concise – Sunday Times Concise No 1801
Clues Answers
Automatically approved rubber-stamped
Awaken ROUSE
Ballroom dance RUMBA
Bye-bye see you
Coalmine PIT
Confirmation PROOF
Face a challenge bite the bullet
Fire torch FLAMBEAU
Franchise SUFFRAGE
No good; broken DUFF
Old wall material wattle and daub
Palaver FAFF
Rambunctiousness ROWDYISM
Representative NUNCIO
Reveal SHOW
Sacred HOLY
Search RIFLE
Sierra, ____, Uniform TANGO
Stock of medicines PHARMACOPOEIA
Thus far YET
Tiny person Tom Thumb
Wide view PANORAMA

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