The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 7608 March 24 2018

The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 7608

Clues Answers
Bamboo stem CANE
Cause of great distress BANE
Country road LANE
Eg, Hamlet DANE
Eg, native of Phoenix ARIZONAN
Equivalence PARITY
Hair on lion’s neck MANE
Improvement BETTERMENT
In position in situ
Light brown sugar DEMERARA
Microorganisms BACTERIA
Not mad SANE
Clues Answers
Officially endorses APPROVES
One sensitive to art and beauty AESTHETE
Payment to landowner ground rent
Putting up ERECTING
Relating to education ACADEMIC
Sheep’s coat FLEECE
Sheet of window glass PANE
Toe swelling BUNION
Very sharp cutter razor blade
Wind pointer VANE

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