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The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 7868 January 22 2019

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The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 7868
Clues Answers
Admits (to something) owns up
Afterwards LATER
Annoyed CROSS
Answer REPLY
Bid; proposal OFFER
Bullets, etc AMMO
Church minister DEACON
Coat of arms phrase MOTTO
Contrapuntal piece FUGUE
Dark volcanic rock BASALT
Device throwing something out EJECTOR
Driven out OUSTED
Forward surge ONRUSH
Gives money (for goods, etc) PAYS
Mental idea THOUGHT
Mocking irony SARCASM
Pair, duo TWOSOME
Persistent, pressing IMPORTUNATE
Port in Iraq BASRA
Strengthening bar STRUT
Units of language WORDS
Unpleasant; ill GROTTY
Varied order PERMUTATION
Word that is another rearranged ANAGRAM