The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 8023 July 22 2019

The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 8023
Clues Answers
Beauty, comeliness LOOKS
Breakaway faction splinter group
Capital of Kenya NAIROBI
Clairvoyant, visionary FEY
Close to land INSHORE
Cook; young fish FRY
domestic fowl HEN
Droppings as fertiliser GUANO
Earlier PRIOR
Feels dejected MOPES
Garden flower PANSY
Green felt BAIZE
Human mind or spirit PSYCHE
Immobilising weapon stun gun
Insect nest ANTHILL
Intervene step in
Lock of hair TRESS
Marshy area FEN
Not suitable UNFIT
Opposition leaders shadow cabinet
Orange-yellow spice SAFFRON
Part of the foot INSTEP
Perform better than OUTDO
Place of sorrowful exile BABYLON
Restriction on going out CURFEW
Theme in a work of art MOTIF
Touches, leans on ABUTS
Utilising USING
Widely used images clip art
Zero latitude line EQUATOR

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