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The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 8273 May 8 2020 Puzzle Answers

Published in The Times Concise Crossword.

The Times – Concise – Times Concise No 8273
Clues Answers
Accompaniments to main course side dishes
Away from prepared ski runs off-piste
Bygone PAST
Dessert dish COUPE
Doing very well THRIVING
Floor covering LINO
Item thought good to eat health food
Long angry speeches TIRADES
Look at quickly SCAN
May 8, 1945 VE Day
Measured for mapping SURVEYED
Musical interval FIFTH
Old hand STAGER
Period of greatest success HEYDAY
Prejudice BIAS
Production OUTPUT
Providing help SUPPORTIVE
Relating to a limited period or distance short-range
Supernatural beings ELVES
Taking off (a hat) DOFFING
Three-score and ten SEVENTY
Well-known; usual FAMILIAR
Words of approbation TRIBUTE