The Times – Cryptic – March 9 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26981

Clues Answers
A guilty man, I cried uncontrollably after charge withdrawn PARRICIDE
Act timidly as cat’s-paw PUSSYFOOT
Addict under control in a month MAINLINER
Be transported by a cigar, strange hallucinogen fly agaric
Benefit includes free new playing field GRIDIRON
Book on unfinished temple has unusual origin PARTHENOGENESIS
Fix smart girl and yours truly up EMBED
Greek hero seen oddly in America THESEUS
Head of BBC wearing curious sleeve that shouldn’t unravel SELVEDGE
In method of access, university going for good pay back here AVENGE
In part of ship, breakfast food served around wrong time of day? TOPMAST
Is ready to edit royal film easy rider
Jump round ring; shouldn’t one jump through it? HOOP
Lower barrier enclosing empty space BASER
Nick is landed with hard work cop shop
Clues Answers
No time for wildly enjoyable event about to be hosted by prize solver POIROT
One seabird in trap where people surf? INTERNET
Only part of the problem is eg the fibre-optic, sadly tip of the iceberg
Opposed to solitary confinement, ignoring small infringement VIOLATION
Pointer the continental snake tailed laser pen
Queen boards large sailing ship BRIG
Rabbit’s little problem: caught by predator CHITCHAT
Report of British members losing way in German League HANSA
Sound quality of wood finally being turned TIMBRE
Surprised reaction about publication in market town OMAGH
Throwing game drops ball and walks out QUITS
Top up, backing partner to drink litre PULLOVER
Type that’s confused about way in mountain track PISTE
Wine-producing area has some striking iron deposits GIRONDE
With unfulfilled potential, chap starts to question universal education MANQUE

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