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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 201185 June 20 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 201185

Clues Answers
A nice company formation — describes the South Sea Bubble OCEANIC
Better perhaps putting in duck’s eggs as part of the salad BEETROOT
Blouse damaged by dagger OBELUS
Body-binder of dressing material used outside sporting contest LIGAMENT
But inadequate cover for one in six hundred balaclava helmet
Curious getting £500 change? Absurd! LUDICROUS
Direction of take-off in this plane VERTICAL
Eg a TV play, or its players TELECAST
Enthusiast’s on the ball with this act fan dance
Fabric observed wrapped round a cat’s tail SATEEN
Flower birds turn up on river LARKSPUR
Flower of remembrance? This is so, to my embarrassment MYOSOTIS
London’s road protector CROMWELL
More than enough for a graduate — wicked! BASINFUL
Mrs Partington’s main opponent ATLANTIC
Clues Answers
National cause of uprising ANTHEM
Nothing terribly grand that is material ORGANDIE
Oriental one embraced the church in modern time EOCENE
Periodical shows unusual tact in prose composition SPECTATOR
Prohibit one including Italian singer BARITONE
Raising of troops that could reduce our capital LEVY
Resort in South Devon to drink BEER
Set apart one the sun-god consumed ISOLATE
Snug his job — as an army recruit? JOINER
State is without a port CALAIS
Stretched the centre to full length and so on et cetera
Subject to ‘income’ tax? DUTIABLE
This book, Smith Minor, is not about physical training EXERCISE
This popular, if non-U part of Italy LOMBARDY