The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 230365 April 18 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 230365

Clues Answers
‘All for your ____, We are not here’ (M.N.Dream) DELIGHT
Accustomed to employ copper USED
After all, I am in my element though wan PALLID
Aims to get under canvas INTENTS
Associate oneself with Robbie in a cheeky appearance SIDEBURNS
Conversely, what did the vegetarian eat: can you beat it? PULSATE
David Balfour’s beloved brought to book CATRIONA
Envious rent-maker CASCA
First-class port ARCHANGEL
Good chap, he goes to the masthead full of fire saint elmo
Green for Pretty Polly PADDINGTON
Have a fruit drop! WINDFALL
How does Victor sit for the artist? vorticist
How to endure self-denial stand fast
In a divided way, Othello bedevilled the whole thing LOBED
Italian travel book? guida
Clues Answers
Just the girl for love ROSE
Military establishment WELLINGTON
Mr Sober himself IDLER
Nip across for a bun POPOVER
One of the glossies? ELEMI
Otium provided by a supporter of art? EASEL
Preserving the Bequest SALTING
Ship’s writer LINER
Single stones are wanted for these ornaments MONOLITHS
That’s a feather in your cap, Sir! PANACHE
The mark of the butterfly COMMA
The poet loses fifty for a start but gets gold nevertheless AUREATE
The whale belongs to him generically speaking ORCHIS
There’s no place for the likes of him also ran
They make a deep impression? ENGRAVERS
Woolly finishes to tug of war? PULLOVERS

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