The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26979 March 7 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26979

Clues Answers
Bore raring to be heard EAGRE
Changing sides, fetch flashy jewellery BLING
Church artist capturing a chap’s fantasy? CHIMERA
Cipher the setter possibly drinks in ? Forget it! nothing doing
Classically simple part of City toured by old lady GRECIAN
Dawn’s lad on telephone at university sun-up
Engross tail end of form in this writer’s language IMMERSE
Fellow backing judge leaving large aircraft plant NELUMBO
For example, a currency set up for animal accommodation LAIRAGE
Formal warning demanding prudence CAUTION
Fuming, one arrests any number for excessive drinking INTEMPERANCE
Gossip’s outstanding feature — wit CHINWAG
He escaped maybe 45 minutes before policeman turned up at home HOUDINI
Host’s medal for gallantry mentioned in speech EMCEE
Clues Answers
Hubbub exposed in daily, one modified when editor’s absent CHARIVARI
Improper distribution of lace in hut UNETHICAL
Jolt in lifestyle, taking sect’s wine across river culture shock
Keep man in role of monarch without charge for the asking
Misusing a mug, slurp something sweet SUGARPLUM
Monkey, yellow-brown, seen around first day of month TAMARIN
Old-fashioned resentment when leader goes for good fish GUDGEON
Opening for Irishman initially involved with diamonds ORIFICE
Renowned English medic primarily concerned with otolaryngology EMINENT
Reportedly throw out church carpet AXMINSTER
Rest in park next to bar RECLINE
Takes risks with popular exponents INDICES
Town crier’s ringer going over island BELLMAN
Wife wearing top hat, oddly, for walk by river TOWPATH

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