The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26984 March 13 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26984

Clues Answers
Agent crossing railway line nimbly SPRYLY
Be perfectly aware what’s short of water, do we hear? know full well
Bovid mammal bound to be tied to stake ANTELOPE
Characters entering for a Latin exam ORAL
Church feature identified in downloads, so to speak APSE
Curious thing about soft drink at bedtime NIGHTCAP
English knight competed, being grudgingly admired ENVIED
Graduate at Sorbonne who at first supported French underground MAQUIS
Inferior to some quarters in spa city BENEATH
Make an impression, and so on, with Head of History ETCH
Not the condition of drunkard unknown to eat cheese? SOBRIETY
Old lady sheltering a convict in Continental resort MALAGA
One tearing into extremely fruity trifles? FRIPPERY
One who employs asses regularly in ancient city USER
Clues Answers
Our new envoy foolishly crosses king — anything could happen! you never know
Protestant, before initially singing some bits, rushed to invite one in PRESBYTERIAN
Provide new community for theatre the Spanish writer set up REPEOPLE
Reformed persons finally make comeback RESPONSE
Sloth unknown in East, captured by young woman LAZINESS
Supervised old archdeacon, suppressing language OVERSEEN
Swaggering adventurer’s sister about to clean clasp SWASHBUCKLER
This writer’s books about store, due out soon IMMINENT
Time a girl embraces popular sovereign’s wife TSARINA
Turn up with husband in tent, supplying healthy food YOGHURT
Unusually apt clue covering Yankee oil producer EUCALYPT
Uproar when brown bear traps leaders of large youth hostel BALLYHOO
Words maybe associated with some fine gauzy fabric TIFFANY
Work with men at old port ORATORIO

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