The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26985 March 14 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26985

Clues Answers
Abnormally weak Inca’s sculpted round article asthenic
Abroad, use manor entrances ENAMOURS
American waiter not old hat BUSBY
Behind back, wrapping present that’s heavenly ETHEREAL
Bit like regressive old governor SATRAP
Crew’s leader in boat worn out BRAGGED
E.g. Pétain, Parisian who needs weapon QUISLING
Favourite training tons PET
Finally purchase land, with a chap who might help? estate agent
Finance worker rejected Communist culture? TRADER
Great time, hosted by fat, upstanding philosopher epictetus
Green car the setter’s bagged in trade online ECOMMERCE
Ground a child after reprieve on vacation REASON
Instrument in Cats? tom-tom
Clues Answers
Islander caught fishy food around America CRUSOE
Live hit by a jazzman BEBOPPER
Long to follow hip pop group? INDIE
Look the other way after clergy’s drunk sweet liquid GLYCEROL
Mass of hair from wolf and dog PIGTAIL
Maybe seller rebuffed commercial enterprise PERADVENTURE
Numerous cricket sides must contain one LEGION
Opponent of elite’s power cut work roster POPULIST
Partner for a buck to use drug DOE
Playing nocturne, I opt for melodic technique COUNTERPOINT
Poseur writing about pretentious rubbish smarty-pants
Smooth and glossy metal drills for example SATINY
US battle story about traitor gaining Oscar SARATOGA
Wife really lacking energy once, struggling for inspiration WINDED

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