The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26987 March 16 2018

Clues Answers
Boiling uniform with fastening sleeves up in arms
Bucket contains rags dad recycled rain cats and dogs
Cephalonia’s interior is steaming — get as far from the sun as possible APHELION
Charming American uplifted by welcome SUAVE
City’s losing to Newcastle initially, bringing crowd together PRESS
Dawning of new progressive movement NASCENT
Design aid: tool for drawing street for page STENCIL
Digger’s long period in American’s shed mole rat
Drop litres in mouth before Christmas, when year’s out GLOBULE
Excessive desire to have browser — Google’s first up GREED
Exile foreign ruler possessing good English EMIGRE
Foul rubbish gathering at home TAINT
Grounds for incarcerating one male judge ESTIMATE
Knocked back unknown gloop outside solitary drinker’s study? OENOLOGY
Monkey beginning to descend tropical tree TAMARIND
Clues Answers
Novelist halved year’s rest SHUTEYE
One isolated from Conservative Left entering new employment RECLUSE
Patient sorting of silver, dividing incomplete samples TRIAGE
Possible source of drugs turned up E’s and whizz NURSE
Renegade contessa finally set for the future without duke APOSTATE
Revolutionary Soviet cum “capitalist” MUSCOVITE
Serve without stiffness SUPPLY
Sleeper in tent with 150 flies around? You need this! insect repellent
Some mathematical iterations, they ought to be learned LITERATI
Soul singer’s lead part in Evita PERSON
Stint as captain stretching over months SKIMP
Supports family making headwear BEARSKIN
Warm corner in valley by old well INGLENOOK
Wash three articles from the Continent LAUNDER
What may come with making me a lord EARLDOM

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