The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26990 March 20 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26990

Clues Answers
Analytical system that would do for dim neurotics REDUCTIONISM
Bad hesitation by island country: getting clarification ILLUMINATION
Believer in circle with one short prayer DISCIPLE
Buddy to regard as equal, friend finally hugged COMPADRE
Burdens extended at the end? Show sign of affection CARESS
Captain stuck in grass, not moving properly SKIDDING
Chap is told to carry this weapon PISTOL
Disease is an irritating thing, no hesitation BLIGHT
Female to escape with boyfriend — this may light up the way FLAMBEAU
Firm facing damage probed by young female official COMMISSAR
Heat content of the pan, largely empty, sadly ENTHALPY
House and home with no money needing right mediator honest broker
It could turn out to be wrong meal — for tempted fish! ANGLEWORM
Lowly soldiers face losing leader MENIAL
Clues Answers
Most audacious Man U footballer, reckless going in BRASHEST
Mule maybe swallowing one insect for breakfast? CROISSANT
Old army club has more than one team IRONSIDES
Quiet store’s opening place for cash deposits STILL
Rebel Frenchman, by Jove, beginning to excel RENEGADE
Romantic story of dancer — I cried terribly when immersed in it bodice ripper
Say nothing, given drink that may be full of gas! SHALE
Share value knocking you back when about to retire? EQUITY
Slow mover, first to last? Such may be given special treatment in bar NAILS
The old man with a girl, a dish PAELLA
Theologian at home visiting disreputable club DIVINE
Thus loving books, palace occupant disappears, shunning company? SOLITARY
Where water enters pub managed by tenant, we hear? INLET
Wise folk interrupted by unknown number of hostile remarks SNEERS

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