The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26993 March 23 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26993

Clues Answers
Author off the booze, hiding last three bits of it ALCOTT
Cases of pastry rise: nice automation from a range PYRENEAN
Celebrity turns introducing actual generic sort EVERYMAN
Check for what kicks off uncivilised youth CHILD
Cook crumble crust for holiday visitor to Oz DOROTHY
Criminal charge overturned and conviction not completed? Sweet! PARFAIT
Crooked law’s introduction fills in the act ATILT
Dance recalled in church with similar origins COGNATE
Distil studies into solid form with a point CONDENSE
Give permission to mobile tool to do roaming APPROVE
Hill-dweller trapping deer pulled back chain ANKLET
I’m not sure Mass held by boy is what’s heard in church SERMON
Keep gasping about the man’s divine collection PANTHEON
Labour a long time to dress one glam band up EXERTION
Lack of acceptance underlies small gesture of defiance SNOOK
Clues Answers
Light coverage of US city politicians duped earliest of electors LAMPSHADE
Micronesian hero adaptable in any circumstances come rain or shine
Nancy’s from big country to the north: I must leave with composure ASSURED
Note interpolated by Flaubert, maybe concerned with taste GUSTATIVE
Old Arab king behind time with American exhibitionist TUSSAUD
Pace restlessly, crushing rustic seed CHICKPEA
Pours dry type of wine over sink CESSPIT
Powdered fruit tablets, first couple taken last, swallowed by champion ALLSPICE
Reports of shots PHOTOJOURNALISM
Roughly where mother picks up pup to get a snack CANAPE
Satie mistakenly rounds on downbeat composer elegiast
Some knitwear to suit an eccentric? cardy
Sore winner perhaps elected to be annoying INGRATE
Subgroup of oligarchy enabling predator HYENA
Trouble with old lady’s inflexible views DOGMA

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