The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26995 March 26 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26995

Clues Answers
Abroad, one loved touring northern plain UNADORNED
After time, about to be knocking on creature’s home BIRDCAGE
Beginning to miss revelry and excitement AROUSAL
Catty cardinal supporting Pope LEONINE
Clean backless dress for theatre SCRUB
Cold? The opposite wasn’t true CHEATED
Demand to settle firm in industrial town DUNSTABLE
Drinks stout ROUND
French writer penning note on one contemporary of his VERLAINE
Glossy magazines, say, engage old area of UK glamorganshire
He’ll deal with better writer, maybe BOOKMAKER
Hum overture from Offenbach without jollity ODOUR
Invalid soldier grabs one woman without issue NULLIPARA
Kid’s food and drink money accepted by European gingerbread man
Land in US city prison the wrong way NEPAL
Clues Answers
Makes elementary changes to current verses about lives iodises
Manage to snaffle last of tiramisu for dessert COUPE
Mess kit’s a pain for citizen of Commonwealth PAKISTANI
Money to get missile through borders in embargo ESCUDO
One roughly breaks marble bust in two houses perhaps BICAMERAL
Part of army punished for discriminating REFINED
Part of flower’s trimmed, as in a tangle MIDSTREAM
Persian’s not half prescient FARSI
Polish friend back filled with a tattoo rub-a-dub
Put off party? Both sexes appeal DISCOMFIT
Radio show could be playing song on air
Songwriter hasn’t the heart to be a musician LYRIST
Tots turned away to get some merchandising spin-off
Traveller of sound mind in Glasgow? NOMAD
Turned up collar, punching a teacher in scrap ABANDON

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