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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26996 March 27 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26996

Clues Answers
A breeze passing through tree, a sycamore EASY
Account penned by Greek disciple for Roman historian TACITUS
Article concealed by players before a game CANASTA
Beginning to squeeze, manipulated us with Thai massage SHIATSU
Bet nurse passing round is occupied TENANTED
Braid had unravelled, indeed — one of these? bad hair day
Characters furthest from the front in Arnhem take on soldiers MEN
Clear to see location of moustache? under ones nose
Company ruddy sensitive after issue backfiring — uninspiring result? no-score draw
European bird finally caught by Asian land mammal ECHIDNA
Expect to get around croquet match finally, and peg out hop the twig
Farm food staff put in the shade PRODUCE
Flag trimmed for queen ANNE
Hooker and prop aligning oddly round middle of scrum grappling iron
Horse head on box CHESTNUT
Clues Answers
Illegal returns for composer WALTON
In France, I try to knock back rich people getting about jet set
In time in Europe, a Scottish smoker finding peace pipe CALUMET
Irritable — as one being shelled? CRABBY
Land also beset by unholy war RWANDA
Leading Republican once supporting Democrat FORD
Noble king, regularly in the dark? KNIGHTLY
One is denoting upset — such as this? INDIGESTION
Poet — companion at a stretch? LONGFELLOW
Possibly Con/Lab/Lib-Dem role, one outwardly well-worn TRIPARTITE
School polished off broadcast ETON
Small shoe, holes in it STRAINER
Stylish pale blue clothes SWANKY
Tree resembling birch, ultimately ASH
Whole books I pretend to bind? INTACT