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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26997 March 28 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26997

Clues Answers
About to jettison plane’s passenger section CABIN
Actually preferring rapper’s introduction to two lines in formal language LITERARY
Agreed on Chinese taking part SET
Auditor’s monitored land area TRACT
Bill likely to change ADAPT
Bringing up the rear, despite one’s efforts? after all
Clearing books one has stopped cancelling NEGOTIATING
Compares singular food and drink stacks up
Doubly outstanding damage, superficially DEFACE
Fish, one to be had without difficulty SUCKER
Girton’s top dons reach conclusion on blessed fellow’s summary DIGEST
Going round, express a word of thanks in a single go at a time
Holy man raising current crops — for birds SWAMI
Horse involved in accident after tailing vehicle CHARABANC
Hunted species picked up by some SOUGHT
Clues Answers
Input device’s phraseology almost American STYLUS
Lawyer’s leader in conflict with judge — evidence of disaster in case? flight recorder
Like Dead Ringers broadcast in dialect IDENTICAL
Novel outings — no parking required, with public transport available tristram shandy
Oldest trees divided, bushes primarily retained FIRSTBORN
Pass water round mine, on descent PEDIGREE
Project inserting second bit of tooth into spare denture EXTRAPOLATE
Provide clue for little reward TIP
Radio officer finding space for recreation aboard SPARKS
Rebel comrade commandeering chief exec’s bashed vehicle dodgem car
Retired lawman receiving fresh commendation AWARD
Serviceman stabbed by a scurrilous patriot GARIBALDI
Sporting contest opening online, as it were? EVENT
Stirring music from remote East introduced by devotee FANFARE
Voucher for university pinched by arrogant drunk GUARANTOR