The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26998 March 29 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26998

Clues Answers
Almost completely flat-chested? These can puff out clothes BUSTLES
Apple seed, something sharp at one end PIPPIN
Arab female, wife discarded on island OMANI
Bit of seed or stone found in meal TESTA
Criticism about goddess, mostly seen as an upstart PARVENU
Earthy substance is better than greasy one TOPSOIL
Flowers making Easter so special tea roses
Foreign characters overthrowing country, wasting little time ETAS
Gong unexciting, inadequate with echo tam-tam
Good dog snatching length of cloth — one anxious to please GROVELLER
In St Martin, going about, see one helping another MINISTRANT
Instinctive behaviour something that Dr Jekyll acquired? second nature
Legendary weapon no longer having quality, we hear EXCALIBUR
Like an identifying word and number given to female learner NOUNAL
Clues Answers
Men coming in wept, losing energy before a beastly fight CORRIDA
Mostly old T-shirts not right for candidates being interviewed? SHORTLIST
One has money, foolishly beginning to squander great riches cash register
One taking stock of fine tune goods train
Petitions between meetings being read out intercessions
Rearrange restaurant furniture maybe to secure competitive advantage turn the tables
Reluctant to declare — side lacking guts AVERSE
Rising opera company has deserted Latin CUBAN
Shelter protecting maiden, courageous explorer HUMBOLDT
Stars in decay, about to be got rid of ARIES
Unrobe us, after adjusting cloak burnouse
Vehicle heading off with wine — one carrying holiday supplies? RUCKSACK
What delegate did in place is recorded in legal document DEPUTISED
Woman in physical game losing heart RUBY

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