The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26999 March 30 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 26999

Clues Answers
A number keeping swine in ideal rural setting ARCADIA
Accession lists sorted for group of composers neoclassicists
Broadcast, one repeated, state TV makes up TITIVATES
Chapter having presumably now left union CONCERT
Crook: a pusher, often ELBOW
Eighties film seen in bar — retro or what! local hero
Knowledgeable, with bible lessons being put back REVERSED
Large English translation of that goes around, eventually at length
Leads on social activism up to Elizabeth Fry SAUTE
Left way before trouble returned in UK town LLANELLI
Method of calling painter comparing exhibits INTERCOM
Move quickly to lag hot pipe CHANTER
No answer managed to come to West Indian writer NARAYAN
Old actor played Verlaine around end of film lee marvin
Old term of respect, or mild ragging MILORD
Clues Answers
One needing her mic reset occasionally? EMCEE
Perhaps first sound from farmyard machinery low gear
Places one appreciates at first, visiting island in eastern state MALAYSIAN
Polish person missing something at audition LACQUER
Rank or ratings associated with old music maker ABSOLUTE
Seats at end of a line that are bound to be filled? ALBUMS
Spaniard, perhaps, to pass on turn DIEGO
Swedish girl showing where poem’s title hidden here INGRID
Tête-à-tête for entente cordiale allies in Moslem’s office IMAMATE
These rates no good for doing different office jobs? TEMPI
Trouser-clad Christian convert drawing on philosopher jean-paul sartre
Ultimately, screen idol keeps lacking originality BANAL
Using fliers to defend new recording of tune? air cover
What comes in waves after an upset tum, inside? NAUSEA
What’s used to bind dollar to pound BUCKRAM

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