The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27003 April 4 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27003

Clues Answers
A contemptible person at Oxford initially, notedly restless AGITATO
Brief expression of contempt about a Mexican plant YUCCA
Buzzer’s high-pitched sound, quietly ignored by beadle BUMBLEBEE
Cancel regular payment, getting round creditor SCRUB
Conspirator, one causing fascination? INTRIGUER
Emphasis placed on police officer’s affliction DISTRESS
Forcefully acquire gold held by former abstainer EXTORT
Fundamental, thus to support rise of upper classes BASIC
German four in broadcast going over French holiday region RIVIERA
Heavyweight finally driving a two-wheeled vehicle TONGA
Hermit’s tedious task, filling a set of books ANCHORET
Hesitantly name tinker with evidence of debt DUBIOUSLY
Individual forks out pounds for old French coin SOU
Judge in Pennsylvania with second-class house PREFAB
Least extensive celebration in Berlin, starting with cheese BRIEFEST
Clues Answers
Members of High Court live over it, surrounded by attendants areopagites
Model backed by a fabulous writer AESOP
One in lofty position astride heavy horse PERCHERON
Part of Ulster a gouty Frenchman recollected county fermanagh
Position of noble son settled in large tent Marquessate
Raise tax invested in European shelter ELEVATE
Reportedly be short of 100,000 rupees LAC
Reportedly talked round those having a row? That makes you merry! one over the eight
Return of fantastic regiment protecting one part of Nigeria BIAFRA
Seafood bishop fed to confused monarch LOBSTER
Second medal for one replacing old tree silver fir
Short article by cricketer in London area BATTERSEA
Show-off taking problem round university POSEUR
Suit Italian leader abandoned for old jacket ACTON
Support from beneath, needing identification UNDERPIN

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