The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27005 April 6 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27005

Clues Answers
America’s masculine representation, one for export Uncle Sam
An agreement earlier in the day to back religious figure MADONNA
Blue shed on hill DOWNCAST
Bolts used for front parts of cars DASHES
Car maintenance business? It doesn’t make much service industry
Competitive, the last to move up, one of two that could be capped KNEE
Cooked sliced ham about right for a December festival Childermas
County, in short, that’s declared? WAR
Deal with old shirts piled up see to
Dock replacing terminal with large screen CURTAIN
German playwright has British cast to be authentic ECHT
Invitation to copy talks without constraint lets rip
Italian tenor losing line in musical GIGI
Listener’s commonly getting the shakes in small cup PANNIKIN
Maybe Cupid’s period of influence precious, we say REINDEER
Clues Answers
Measure of land is for more than one ARE
Meeting, not for reorganising plant MIGNONETTE
Needing evening out, stopped around mid-afternoon CREASED
One changes finale in Debussy piece, but not the opening AMENDER
Only a little time at the top for this officer? second-in-command
Pen on table for writer of elegance STYLIST
Recess in cliff-side road, corner half obscured NICHE
Row away from river to get fit AGUE
Small seals close to shore showing cunning SLEIGHT
Stores spoken of somewhere in SW London BARNES
Such extremely penetrating new fluid is what bowl contains dishful
Sweet white wines no great shakes? Aftershocks
Top player’s aim, playing with England leading man
Trash rough sketch after fuss FLAPDOODLE
What vanilla has? Very close! nothing in it

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