The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27007 April 9 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27007

Clues Answers
… being included in one’s selection ESSE
A horse ultimately kept in London district — a hunter ACTAEON
Completely finished deliveries and swindled comic at hotel over and done with
Consular agent advances date once familiar to Romans CALENDS
Curbable prisoners responsive to instruction constrainable
Dashes up with a companion to get healthy food SPINACH
Dome-shaped dwelling I see during journey IGLOO
Envious member of political party GREEN
Exultant sound made by spaniel upset bear cock-a-hoop
Fellow given time to receive oxygen at a height ALOFT
Finally leave on excursion with mature followers ENTOURAGE
Fur seen in country with cool interior … CHINCHILLA
Grind away before sealing arrangement with bank ERODE
Head accommodating over wine for mogul POTENTATE
Clues Answers
Leader of midland county primarily involved with arts centre CONCERTMASTER
Like some missiles — type crossing top of high mountains ? short-range
Member of duo taking boy round City function SECONDO
Old couple embracing in French outdoors open air
Old peasant managed church bar HINDRANCE
One thus will hurry to be insistent put ones foot down
Person with rod initially lashing out in fury ANGER
Popular drink one duke finds tasteless INSIPID
Romanians could get in a state in Italy san marino
Secretary has pounds invested in American song PSALM
State of roast regularly served up in rented house LESOTHO
Tip from tedious person about one going with flow POURBOIRE
Unpretentious-sounding carriage MIEN
Walk down alley, to begin with, after a game ALAMEDA

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