The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27008 April 10 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27008

Clues Answers
Accumulated linen garments on appropriate part of anatomy bottom drawers
Aquatic mammals rolling over, run out and fight set-to
Bands for securing horse that went astray HOOPS
Cab’s recording device disabled remote chat TACHOMETER
Chief cad? Absolutely head over heels
Collected material perverted man copied COMPENDIA
England’s opening pair, gutted, played again ENCORED
For Asians, bread and water after game RUPEE
French city docudrama finally airs AMIENS
Fun goddess the author’s appended to a religious text AMUSEMENT
Heads of Church Union in Lourdes treated like sceptics INCREDULOUS
Ignorant landlord interrupts nude dancing UNLETTERED
Key stage before final reversion of property ESCHEAT
Lover’s knot you might catch? BEAU
Clues Answers
Make a slow escape, taking irrational road westward DRIP
Mug grasps end of clasp that doesn’t need fastening step-in
New assembly of cruel and humane characters preserved city HERCULANEUM
Overweight boxer getting endless abuse resigned FATALISTIC
Planning nothing contrary during trip outlining
Precise net reduction clear-cut
Put on suit APPLY
Rudimentary XI’s first half unbalanced ELEMENTAL
Second sign of approval that may torment pet TICK
Section of brig, say, for wife PROW
Swimmer’s haircut an ageing nonconformist might sport? grey mullet
The woman at the heart of British Empire SHE
Where one might put in vocally critical team? QUAYSIDE
Writer’s junk mounting NIB

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