The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27009 April 11 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27009

Clues Answers
A detective story, the ultimate gift for cellist? his last bow
A Sikh has one billion fish BANGLE
Apparently that of Helen being a thousand ships? face value
Be very eager to employ Liberal, one that’s flexible PLIANT
Break up in manifest cold SHIVER
Cherries, see, covered in fungi MORELLOS
Concerned with opening blade, I trust RELIANCE
Cut part of bulb CLOVE
Dither, as everyone is caught up in active moving VACILLATE
Enthusiasm of boxer finally ready to mate? HEART
Fall asleep in wagon, very voyeuristic viewing car-crash tv
Give woodwork final smoothing, receiving time and a half stand-off
Head from court case over to business centre RIALTO
In fight, large Italian twisting blade STILETTO
In public he rubbished safe sort of investment blue-chip
Clues Answers
Kind of an Einstein? Not I GENUS
Magistrate seizes duke in quick move DODGE
Not happy to travel regularly on such rubber? cross-ply
Old guard losing heart a total failure TURKEY
Pipe suddenly lowered for sounding DUCT
Pressure on buzzer creates alert BEEP
Put off woman and survive without one SHELVE
Religion, but no Mass, for Scots girl ISLA
Rock, overturning large table across front of room GIBRALTAR
Some beef? Wrong to eat horse SHIN
Son indifferent about husband, I emphasise in my case, as one dealing with children SCHOOLMISTRESSY
Struggling actor hems old garment STOMACHER
To wed money, they say, can be a bloomer MARIGOLD
Warning notice avoids funny lines ADVISORY

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