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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27014 April 17 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27014

Clues Answers
American’s not eating in country TOGO
Communist Chinese dish, mostly poultry, takes shape friedrich engels
Drink port, 24′ bottles, and move clumsily have two left feet
Drive away from route through European mountains ESTRANGE
Eat basil in a stew, potentially getting full SATIABLE
English skill behind film’s sound engineering device ear trumpet
Grown son wearing nothing from Dior? RISEN
Guide was in touch with royalty RANGER
He hates company failure, changing central direction LONER
He’ll go on record initially, interrupting old man PRATER
I won’t and I will retreat NOOK
John, punched by cad, gets shiner: this hinders movement wheel clamp
Key passage without its opening note ISLE
Lets rip violently, Yankee, like father PRIESTLY
Clues Answers
Military group swims, coming up for a rest SPIDER
Names covering brown walls of the famous residence number ten
Nitwits excited, receiving marks for test ASSESSMENT
Provided drug, having made crack EQUIPPED
Quartet’s cover of tune with musical style TETRAD
Scot waggles bum, meeting countryman? GLASWEGIAN
Seamstress may add one attention-seeking remark AHEM
Something articulated about remedy for politicians’ proposal joint resolution
Spin around, lacking velocity still INERT
The work of a man of letters? epistolary novel
US money and yen received, clutching a buck billy goat
Wearing precious stones and nothing else is wrong INJUSTICE
What’s swallowed by staff about to provide treatment REHAB
Wicked bats flew round WONDERFUL