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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27016 April 19 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27016

Clues Answers
Artillery arriving by parachute, presumably causing a bit of a splash? RAINDROP
Be marked, cut by one German with sword SCIMITAR
Bottle after bottle? dutch courage
Caterer found bananas for lengthy sporting event tour de france
Company porters attending church merge in COALESCE
Contrary old soldier, mother’s mate from abroad AMIGO
Eastern spies with yoked clothing wasted EMACIATED
Genuine theft, real criminal HEARTFELT
Harsh year, marked by pollution GRIMY
Lakeland setting for youth leader AKELA
Loner’s curious since travelling north SADDO
Mineral is extracted from fluid epoxy resin PYROXENE
Mum going round university in Paris arranged a place for Joey MARSUPIUM
Nurse, close to despair in scoundrel’s grip, fled unclothed CRADLE
Clues Answers
Obliged to survey Englishmen on vacation BEHOLDEN
Pants son’s wearing split more than once GASPS
Penchant, eg. for arresting police inspectors PREDISPOSITION
Person applying pressure on branch to supply cheese LIMBURGER
Present playing cards for the individual on hand
Queen’s night attire simply the best? the cats pyjamas
Rick and Henry always succeeded on course HAYSTACK
Shock solution’s risky, Superman from time to time admitted hair spray
Small furry animal, extremely 7, spruced up SMARTENED
Soft fabric supplier from America completely revolutionised LLAMA
Springtime sound from insect, perhaps MAYBE
The author’s facade’s put on IMPOSE
Vehicle that is top of range is less available BUSIER
What artist does is attractive DRAWS