The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27017 April 20 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27017

Clues Answers
A special moment in which one’s collected fossil AMMONITE
A star drinking nothing, overturning fizzy water APOLLINARIS
An element of singular dislike SODIUM
Bird in science unit EMU
Block Yankee, creating stir CHOKEY
Boy climbing tree with minimal energy EMILE
Coming soon as a sale item? in store
Conservative in group, heretical and bigoted SECTARIAN
Dish of fish eggs: it’s served up ROESTI
European seriously drunk in bar BYELORUSSIAN
Famous Argentinian tucked into cooked pie and sausage PEPERONI
Female home full of love attended by stars who bring good news? MISSIONARIES
Gladstone’s epithet’s recalled in a haze SMOG
Group entering train to get drier tea cloth

Clues Answers
Haggard female beset by fairies passes away PERISHES
Hospital in Somerset redone as accommodation for the elderly rest homes
More than one bloodsucker strikes to secure victim LAMPREYS
Naval officer’s clique drink POSSET
Not terribly keen about final decision-maker? Precisely! on the dot
Order set up to imprison a Communist leader MAO
Provider of printed notes for performers sheet music
River that’s more beautiful between banks? AIRE
River, Charlie? You and I will catch that fish WRASSE
See sort that could turn out murderer in mythology ORESTES
Seriously performing only, I warble about heartless fellow solemnising
Small cat or dog, the one giving chase PETIT
Thus America carrying burden becomes dozy slumberous
Umpire, old, with room for improvement REFORM

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