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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27022 April 26 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27022

Clues Answers
Be different, putting girl on edge DIVERGE
Church really gutted about blemish — that’s inevitable CERTAINTY
Directors faced with difficult sort of material HARDBOARD
Enid’s boy with absence of daddy regularly missing out NODDY
Enthusiastic fans, maybe, about to meet Queen in county CHANTERS
Fever? Spirit must be knocked back with water MURRAIN
Furthest point attained by wild animal I caught climbing APOGEE
Heartless biographies — don’t believe them! LIES
Holy man, a theologian observed in close briefly SADDHU
Join together in old-fashioned expression of surprise MARRY
Leader of subversives put down, killed SLAIN
Like some drinks offering cure when brother’s upset inside HERBAL
Making sure priest and soldiers can be accommodated in group securement
Man hugging wife somewhere in Wales once GWENT
No let-up working if you want to get rich OPULENT
Partygoer in posh car straddling half of road RAVER
Clues Answers
Plant with interior that’s yellow and off-white IVORY
Politician falling short with adviser a cruel person TORMENTOR
Put off when receiving mark of wrong or right DEXTER
Rebuke agent wanting to go hither and thither REPROVE
Recognised player regularly taking food provided by poulterer CAPON
Removes message implying workers will go back to work strikes off
Rubbish mostly hidden under a sea mollusc ABALONE
Savant troubled about English language that’s passed out of use AVESTAN
Ship leaking a bit apparently? Tools required strickles
Source of oil artist needs to acquire first COPRA
Special writing with fancy pictures enthralling toddler ultimately SCRIPTURE
Square where two answers start in this puzzle FOUR
Teacher and old-fashioned rocker chatted RABBITED
Walk quietly and meanderingly round capital, ending in cafe PROMENADE
Wearing special clothes not fashionable, lacking shape UNFORMED
Without means to pay, is in Paris for medical check skin test