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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27023 April 27 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27023

Clues Answers
A lake confined by raised banks that should be higher than this sea level
After terrible weather, no heart to unite in prayer hail mary
Colin strangely reluctant to put this on? LOINCLOTH
Company about to put old sailor in revolutionary clothing mao jacket
English girl said to be a sweet little thing ECLAIR
Flyer taking taxi: airline say upset as snow appears cabbage white
Frank not needed here relieved of job post-free
Gets down name to board ships KNEELS
Good and ancient, this age? GOLDEN
Ground the chopper, conflict being over bury the hatchet
Home not yet wonderful? PREFAB
House train unruly dog, offering reward upfront TUDOR
Indicates approval of some clock noises TICKS
Love speed, joining a modern industry AEROSPACE
Clues Answers
One links posts, as Tennyson finally expected to CROSSBAR
Orchestra, heading off to play in cathedral CHARTRES
Possibly heat burns for her? SUNBATHER
Put hands together round middle of stomach and squeeze hard CLAMP
Rasher to enter this high-level discussion? power breakfast
Republic once sounded drier AIRER
See smoke circling: reason? LOGIC
Sort of frost on front of department store HOARD
Such an attractive point about breaking a horse FOCAL
Unpleasant expression when born cradled by sister SNEER
With queen’s entrance, intended briefly to rise with new vigour ENERGISED
Worker in Hollywood to vet, heard to be not so left-wing? SCREENWRITER
Wrong assumption, discounting knight — here’s a K POTASSIUM
You’re blocking my view? How should I react? let me see