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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27025 April 30 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27025

Clues Answers
Bearing component unknown in train, initially used too hard AZIMUTH
Cinema turned my life around — coming to no conclusions FILM
Clue sun awkwardly as centre of orbital system NUCLEUS
Imbue wordplay with a twist, trapping learner rising in standard upwardly mobile
Invention concerning food product made from woodchips Fibreboard
Like organ’s part of chorale arranged by timeless Cage? COCHLEAR
Lose penny from pocket? That hurts OUCH
Maestro after formal wear clothed by worker in Next ADJACENT
More than one fool behaves amorously, about to be dumped NOODLES
Never time to back overthrown saint’s oppressors TYRANTS
Now entering World Trade Organisation. To what end? WHERETO
Oily, fishy bisque that’s got in even pieces of coconuts OBSEQUIOUS
One blocking post kind about women’s hearts JOBSWORTH
One covering actor’s role in operating theatre DRESSER
Clues Answers
One cutting sleep a bit, rising in shape TRAPEZOID
Ordinary addition to a uniform CHEVRON
Reverend nearly accepts uniform with new cloth VICUNA
Rules about a lot of whip leather COWHIDE
Russia’s characteristic tearjerker, with accompanying notes onion dome
Sausage is cold — and as far as one can see not new CHORIZO
See an elk run VAMOOSE
See old characters are finally used for screen entertainment video game
Student’s mark cut by incomplete grasp SCHOLAR
The contents of Sweeney Todd’s last thought in the past weened
Tired air recycled so as to block tobacco WEARIED
What pupils may have to suffer after run work experience
Where one needs repairman to be responsible? at fault
Working as Roman galley slave? OARSMAN