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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27026 May 1 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27026

Clues Answers
Aussie native behind tailless bird ROOSTER
Brand leaders for sales, effectively, and retailing SEAR
Broadcast about boring building style seen in Barnet HAIRCUT
Carpet’s a beauty, laid over a day ADMONISH
Cleaner scrubbing US city strip UNDRESS
Dairy product’s around jug where drinks come from BREWERIES
Depressed politician given cold welcome CONCAVE
Empty blowlamp filled by one craftsman joining sides BIPARTISAN
Fishy product gets stored by schooner, say ISINGLASS
Foreign accents, not English, retaining appeal and a dignity GRAVITAS
Fox to show increasing savagery BEWILDER
Getting in round, not drinking drink TOT
Island city raised with old money new guinea
Lace pants put on along with lingerie offering light support CANDELABRA
Leading light, note, playing short on pitch north star
Clues Answers
Letter and article to develop orally TEETHE
Like a film perhaps lacking audience in camera
Manager is spreading president’s policies reaganism
One’s charged over breaking into home ION
Pounds, a single one of them in cash LIQUID
Really, place in Africa is African SOMALI
Service provided in range MASSIF
Single room where Arabs dwell ADEN
Solid eggs almost smashed ROBUST
Sparkling imitation of German composer university released STRASS
Was Sierra left outside? EXISTED
What’s on TV, top sportsperson SHOWJUMPER
Willing to clothe daughter liable to get changed AMENDABLE
Writer’s material still to be read out STATIONERY
Yacht is travelling around ancient region SCYTHIA