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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27029 May 4 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27029

Clues Answers
A contemptuous exclamation — silly! APISH
Accountant who might check one’s pulse? bean counter
Confident male squirmed oddly COCKSURE
Container to serve tea; I’ll be after beginning to read leaves POTPOURRI
Distressed dept. sec. having run in with staff SCEPTRED
Expose chap entering sprint moving right to the end UNCOVER
Fool picks up insult implying inability to do so? cloth-ears
Get back in swing, ticker turning over regularly re-elect
Independent solicitor’s first to prosecute children ISSUE
Lag repeatedly to raise time he’s held bring up the rear
Live stream business news current affairs
Lot controlling sails etc for ship FRIGATE
Much like a cakewalk, but smaller and quicker? ABUNDANCE
Not in formal dress in Balmoral, perhaps, queen is not working out of kilter
Note to include zero as digit TOE
Clues Answers
Police officers transferred for challenge to orthodoxy DISSENT
Proposed form of extreme devolution rejected after losing a vote MOVED
Purging heretic, a habitual response CATHARTIC
Regret spoken jibe, something muttered on stage RHUBARB
Run out to catch a glimpse of incoming Times competition winner’s prize? ROSETTE
Sell ingredients for jam? TRAFFIC
Spacious, from what we hear, but cold RHEUMY
Time to get to station, perhaps — detectives are being brought up to scratch ERADICATE
To buck up rogue, cane ordered ENCOURAGE
Top secret operations going to be sent up in a bit of rhyming verse TERCET
Trojan “hippy”? ILIAC
Turns to stare rudely ROTATES
Unfortunate person missing point in gag RETCH
Unionists boosted share CUT
Yellow mineral found around western half of Chad OCHRE