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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27031 May 7 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27031

Clues Answers
American man crushing queen like a snake BUSHMASTER
Chinese food that’s totally stupid? dim sum
Entire amount, repellent GROSS
Excellent advice corporation rejected TIPTOP
Fast approaching northern English city PRESTON
Fine no longer having clean teeth FLOSS
Flag yours truly raised, with America retaining title EMERITUS
Flexible parts to deliver, chattering away BLITHERING
Fun unfortunately suffering for sure UNFAILING
Green gunk, skimmed LIME
Having had a few seconds, one brushed up on geometry in the end SQUIFFY
Head of playwright missing, commit to the ground INTER
Heart of stone, a shade open OVERT
I issued new clasps good for mask DISGUISE
Idiot with fanciful idea penning articles FATHEAD
Clues Answers
Labouring we do in the beginning? SPADEWORK
Large tomb, parent bagging a posh one MAUSOLEUM
Lean man, legal official TIPSTAFF
Male feeding horses in book ROMANS
Material that’s checked poorly leaving Medway town GINGHAM
Mink possibly, clothing slave? fashion victim
Ne’er-do-well has to settle a fight LAYABOUT
Rubbish plant used as dessert RHUBARB
Several loons? DIVERS
Silly Eccles thick, or a serious jerk? electric shock
Slip, small, on child SKID
Superman’s girl is about to drop Italian dish LASAGNE
Trying exotic Eskimo rolls, initially IRKSOME
Way to stuff a European champion APOSTLE
Wind light — it’s a scorcher? BLOWTORCH