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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27032 May 8 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27032

Clues Answers
…governing is upsetting, very loudly being dismissed RULING
A good deal of advantage over one abandoning defence in Test venue EDGBASTON
After a bit of learning, ‘ere’ isn’t mistaken for ‘ear’ LISTENER
Animal tottered about, a ragged creature TATTERDEMALION
Bends, doing handstand? Exercise class offers difficulty SCRAPE
Big cat bringing recall of month in old India JAGUAR
City that is against supporting King KIEV
Delivering the ophthalmologist’s stance? PROVISION
Dismiss involving Left in centre of revolution AXLE
Edited highlight of cup match shows something attached to shirt tie clip
Explosive, say, hurled back coal GELIGNITE
Expression of gratitude amongst a lot of criticism leaves you unmoved STATIC
Failure at the Slade perhaps providing material for union? bottom drawer
Film star holding fast in futile love VALENTINO
Clues Answers
Flooded area used to be hot AWASH
Following decimal system satisfied monarch in charge METRIC
French claim on the governance of England? dieu et mon droit
Go across the range initially in area between peaks STRADDLE
Inspect circus to an excessive degree? go over the top
It indicates head of government is in wrong job.. SIGNPOST
Like some things in bars, barmaid’s accessory requires time to be installed OPERATIC
Not getting to meeting, maybe, having extra time for coffee LATTE
Set of twelve letters, last of them for island ATOLL
Survey quantity both small and large? SAMPLE
Team has to contend with a non-frontal approach side-view
The ultimate? Picked up a fine specimen, nothing more OMEGA
Unsettled account reduced over promises to pay BILIOUS
Worn-out track, note, at which you must stop dog-tired