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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27035 May 11 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27035

Clues Answers
Absurd sentimentality about distant land GONZO
Behold ring being used to bind each type of folder loose-leaf
Body drawing from biography about girl life class
Brussels throne room turned up treasure VALUE
Cases of hitherto ugly, half-forgotten Hanoverian mares appearing in fabulous horse race HOUYHNHNMS
Civil engineer incorporating fellow’s jolly design candy stripe
Company department whose business is first to pick up? call centre
Demanding return of books: we’re disgusted TOUGH
Flowers a symbol some mostly abandoned may blossom
Girl climbing a mountain finally needing a hand up NADIA
In private, I agree to receive Republican minister home secretary
Large piece of skin ought to be put back evenly HUNK
Needs about a pound when daughter’s going places REQUISITES
North Eastern hotel, full up, sadly offering no accommodation UNHELPFUL
Old man’s audible exclamation of contempt PAH
Clues Answers
One holding chair for piano opposite PROF
One that can suddenly drop a clanger, speaking in cheap theatre penny gaff
Over from a spinner ATOP
Place such as Washington wouldn’t do for everyone LIEU
Position, say, in which murder committed orient express
Reading maybe for which one has no time UNI
Reserve ready for the match? money to burn
Row when entering eg on a fancy here? no-go area
Russian department closing after student departed OBLAST
Ship touring Caribbean’s in race SWISS
The works of O Henry missing from promotions? OPUSES
Vessel’s very unusual coupling hooks loving cup
Whacking small boy could end in outcry ALMIGHTY
What township police would need? HIPPO
Who, perhaps, uses it’s elaborately turned out? dress suit